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What is $TFC?

TFC (TheFutbolCoin) was created to serve the world’s largest community – football fans. Over 100,000 people around the world have enthusiastically supported TFC by buying and using it. TFC has strong utility, limited supply and powerful pillars of value supporting it.


$TFC has a vibrant enthusiastic community of HODLers worldwide, growing each day

Adoption by Clubs and Businesses

$TFC is being accepted by clubs and businesses worldwide because of its fast transaction speed, low cost, advanced technology ecosystem and its overall prospects.

Secure store of Wealth

$TFC is also being used as a secure store of wealth because of its limited supply, strong brand and utility model.

The FutbolApp

$TFC is the only way to pay for ads in the fast growing TFA social network.
Demand for advertising = Demand for $TFC

The TFC token ecosystem decentralises with the goal of becoming the Bitcoin of football

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Livingston FC partner with TheFutbolCoin for the 2021/22 season

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TFA announces The Creation of TFA Worldwide Association

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The social network that wants to unite the football community

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TFC Token

TFC (TheFutbolCoin) is a digital asset on the Stellar blockchain.


TFC Holders


TFC Transactions


Businesses accepting TFC

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It is okay to miss #Bitcoin, it is a crime to miss #TFC now. For a coin with the utility of Silver and BTC combined, you cannot go wrong. We are built around a strong ecosystem, and at $0.57, we are just starting. #HODL #TFC now. @steve_tfc #PumpTFC #CryptoNews #ITrustTFC #Crypto



Meet the giver of $TFC @steve_tfc and David Adeniyi Fadairo @DavidFadairo5, the first player in the world whose transfer fee was paid in $TFC 🥳🥳🥳🥳 $TFC to the World ⚽💥💫✨🤑 $TFC is taking over the world🌠☄️🚀

Livingston FC


🆕 | Livingston FC is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with TheFutbolCoin (TFC) which will see the club accept TFC for tickets & merchandise as well as TheFutbolCoin logo appearing on the rear of our 2021/2022 match and replica shirts.

TFC Official


⚽️ Did you know that Arsenal and Everton legend @1kevincampbell is a #TFA ambassador? ⚽️ $TFC

Find out why he thinks #TFA has such a bright future:

Kevin Campbell


There are only a few times in a lifetime that incredible opportunities become available and this is one of them! ⭐️💎👍🏿⭐️

Stellar Network News (XLM)


#Stellarfamily Check out @TheFutbolCoin that utilizes #Stellar with their token $TFC



434.000K🧿 @TheFutbolApp users so happy.....⚽️🐼

168.074K🧿 @TheFutbolCoin token holders so happy.....⚽️🐼

1.135.718 millions 🧿 total payments count @steve_tfc so happy for his amazing community! ⚽️🐼



The fourth business to accept... TFC #thefutbolcoin as means of payment in my city... #PHC ... Its awesome.. Thanks to all the admins and @steve_tfc...



TFC of course. @TheFutbolCoin The utility coin. You won't regret it. @samconnerone @steve_tfc @Soleaswest @Eleftherios_ele @TFAmaniac @dubai_geordie @georgekafkarkou @Stranger_TFC @Giannis86122708 @klit0sa



So beautiful 😍 coolest thing I have seen this week #panda $TFC @steve_tfc @1kevincampbell @Soleaswest @dubai_geordie @georgekafkarkou @RealGTrader @samconnerone @TFAmaniac @klitos #beauty #Gold #PremierLeague #ChampionsLeague I don't know about you but I love this ⚽️

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